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Tentrix is a puzzle game developed from the puzzle Tetris game which is considered a classic puzzle game.  In Tetris, the different bits of the puzzle fall from the top and the users have to fit them at the bottom level. However, Tentrix is a tad different. In Tentrix, the blocks are made available to the user from time to time and the user has to fit these pieces properly in the 10 x 10 playing board. Time is of the essence in Tentrix where the users have to place the blocks aptly quickly. As the game progresses, the pieces of the puzzle start appearing at a faster rate and the player has to match it at the same pace to win the game. The game is available in the following languages: English, Russian, Polish, Italian, French, Spanish and Japanese.

How to Play Tentrix?

In Tentrix, the users need to play in a 10 x 10 grid. The player is presented with three shapes at a time which they need to drag and drop in the grid to create lines. When a horizontal or vertical line is filled from left to right or top to bottom, the line disappears creating more space in the screen. The aim of the player in Tentrix is to ensure that the screen doesn’t get filled with blocks. All the shapes should be strategically placed in the grid in a manner that it fills either a complete horizontal and vertical line to create more space for the upcoming puzzles.

When playing Tentrix, fill either full columns or rows and see how far you can go without running out of space. Even though Tentrix is pretty easy to play, mastering it requires skills. Tetris is tough because the player doesn’t know which shape will appear next. However, Tentrix is different as it allows the users to see the next three shapes to create a more strategic move. It gives users the freedom of time for thinking. For scoring a high score and to last in the gamer, try to arrange the block in a neat and organized manner. If your blocks have started looking sloppy, it is high time that you come with better placement for the blocks. Try to match all the blocks in a manner that all the blocks git each other. Too many random holes in the grid might result in your defeat.

Release Date

Tentrix was launched in July 2016.


Tentrix is developed by GamePix. It is a leading platform of many HTML 5 distributions. They in fact, designed a platform for all the game developers and publishers.


  • Web-Based
  • Android
  • iOS


For playing Tentrix on the computer, use your mouse to drag and drop the blocks in the grid. If you are playing it on your smartphone, just tap on the block and hold it to drag and drop it.


  • Developed from Tetris
  • Three different shapes are visible at a time
  • The game can be saved and continued later.


When the game of Tentrix gets over?

The game of Tentrix ends when the entire space of the grid/screen is filled in a manner that it becomes impossible to place the next tile on the grid.

What is the tip of winning Tentrix?

Tentrix is a never-ending game where the blocks will keep coming until you lose. Your aim while playing Tentrix should be to beat your previous score. For scoring higher in Tentrix, it is recommended that the player place all the blocks neatly and in an organized fashion in a manner that it neatly covers the row and columns. Do not try to keep random gaps in the game as it makes the game difficult and you will have to depend on your luck for the precise block to arrive to file the game.

What is the mode supported by Tentrix?

Tentrix supports solo-player. However, you can take turns with your friends to compete in Tentrix.

Do I need to match the tiles of the same color in Tentrix?

No, there is no such rule that says that the player needs to match the tiles of the same color.