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Skydom is an exciting puzzle game that requires the player to match pieces of puzzles of the same colour. What makes the game different from other matching game is the fact that certain levels of the game allow the player to fight against real opponents. There are more than 100 levels in the game, and further, it allows the player to log in through their Facebook account to play with their friends. The game features colourful graphics and is fun yet a challenging puzzle game.

How to Play Skydom?

In Skydom, the players need to match three pieces of the same colour by swapping adjacent ones. Each level comes with its own goal. For instance, the game’s first level demands the player to collect 12 green pieces by matching them. The player has a limited number of moves. In the very first level, the player needs to complete the game only in 15 moves. For completing each level, the player gets rewarded in the form of coins. The setup of the game belongs to that of a magical high kingdom. The game supports a dual match between the players and further allow the player to watch the game screen of the opponent in their game screen. Skydom supports tons of different boosts, too, which makes playing the game a fun task. Connecting more than three tiles in Skydom ensures different kinds of boosts. The longer the connection between the tiles, the more powerful is the boost in Skydom. The minimum reward for completing a level in Skydom is 100 coins which can also be accompanied by bonus points too. In Skydom, the challenge is to complete the goal of each level with the limited number of moves that are available to the player.

Release Date

Skydom was released on February 26, 2020.


The game is designed by Alexander Aliev and programmed by Denis Stepanova. Denis Vasiliev was responsible for the art design of the game. The game is developed by Pew Pew.


Skydom can be played on a web browser and is available for Bothe smartphone and computer. Further, the game is also available in Google Play Store.


Use the mouse to swap the different pieces of the elements in the game.


  • Real-time duel-players
  • Unlimited plays
  • Colourful graphics
  • Watch the screen of the opponent in the game screen
  • More than 100 levels


How to unlock daily challenges in Skydom?

For unlocking daily challenges in Skydom, the player needs to complete ten levels.

What are the different kind of challenges in different levels in Skydom?

A few of the challenges of the initial level in Skydom are mentioned below:

  • Level 1: Collect 12 green pieces in 15 moves
  • Level 2: Collect more yellow coins than the opponents in 12 moves
  • Level 3: Collect 33 carrots in 30 moves

Each level consists of different goals, which need to complete with a limited number of moves in order to move ahead in the game. At the later levels of the game, it becomes vital to connect more than three tiles to save the number of moves while completing a game.

What are some tips for scoring high in Skydom?

Try to create a longer chain in Skydom to earn more scores. Connecting four tiles of the same colour creates a cage that can be later matched again to remove an entire vertical line of tiles in the game. Connecting tiles in L or T shaped patterns consisting of five or more elements creates a-bombs. Connecting five tiles of the same elements creates a multicolour element that allows the player to remove all the same colour elements. If you see an opportunity to connect more than three tiles at the top and bottom screen of the game, try matching the top tiles and then going forward to match the bottom tiles. Connecting the tiles at the bottom first will disturb the arrangement of the tiles at the top of the game screen.

Can the scores of Skydom be saved?

Yes, it is possible to save the score in Skydom. Further, the player has the option of connecting their Facebook account with the game account in Skydom.

Is it possible to remove hints in Skydom?

By default, Skydom shows hints to the players who make the game a tad bit easy even though it doesn’t present the user with the best strategic move. From the Settings section of the game, it is possible to remove the hint option.