Merge Fruit

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Merge Fruit is a game where the players have to merge existing fruits to create new ones. As the player create new fruits, the score in the game increase. In Merge Fruit, the objective of the player is to merge two same fruits. When the game starts, a fruit is present at the top of the game screen, clicking on it drops the fruit and places it on the ground, the player has to match it with the same fruits which will subsequently appear on the game screen. The fruit should be merged in a way that they fall in the same spot. The game keeps on going until an extremely big fruit appear on the game screen. Further, a red line will appear on the game screen which indicates the stopping line. Crossing that red line ends the game.

How to Play Merge Fruit?

Firstly, the player needs to click on the start button present on the game screen to begin Merge Fruit. On the game screen, you will find a small fruit placed at the top centre of the screen. Click anywhere on the game screen to drop the fruit. Subsequent, fruits will then start emerging on the game screen and the player has to click on the ground spot where they want the fruit to land. The player should ensure that two same fruits land at the soft spot for merging. The game starts with small fruits and as the fruits are merged, they increase in size. With larger fruits place at the bottom section of the game screen, larger fruits also start appearing at the top. The player should try their best to merge the same fruits for earning a good score. As the game of Merge Fruit progresses, large fruits start occupying the game screen. When the fruits start filling most of the game screen and has reached a fair height, a red horizontal line appears on the top of the game screen, the player should try not to cross that red line because if two fruits end up merging in a way that it crosses the red line, the game will end. There are no levels in Merge Fruit as it an endless game where the players can play the game till they can keep merging the fruits without crossing the red line.

Release Date

Merge Fruit was launched on March 15, 2021.


Merge Fruit was rolled out by LoraStudio.


Merge Fruit is available for all devices and can be accessed from a web browser.


Left-click the mouse on the spot where you want the fruits to fall.


  • Beautiful 2 D graphics
  • Unlimited gameplay
  • No levels
  • Strategical skills are required


How many levels are there in Merge Fruit?

Merge Fruit is endless gameplay that has no levels. However, the players who are interested in checking their progress in the game can use their high score as a parameter for accessing their performance.

What happens if a player fails to merge the same types of fruits on Merge Fruit?

Failing to merge the same types of fruits on Merge Fruit results in the collection of those fruits on the game screen unnecessarily. Later, it becomes hard to merge these fruits and they end up unnecessarily occupy the space on the game screen.

How many chances do a player get in Merge Fruit?

A player only gets one chance to play the game of Merge Fruit. If the player ends up crossing the red line, the game ends right away and the player will have to start the game afresh.

Why bigger fruits have started appearing on Merge Fruit?

As the game starts, small fruits are introduced in the game. As the player starts merging the small fruits, the small fruits merge to create a bigger fruit. With the introduction of bigger fruits by the player, eventually bigger fruits start dropping from the game screen.

How to score high in Merge Fruit?

The only way of scoring high in Merge Fruit is by merging the same type of fruits as much as they can. Merging two same fruits ensure optimal usage of the space available on the game screen which allows space for more fruits on the game.