5 Roll

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5 Roll is a game similar to Yahtzee. However, unlike Yahtzee, the 5 Roll app does not include other players. As the name of the game suggests, in 5 Roll, the player needs to roll five dices, after which they need to decide which dice they want to keep and which the players want to re-roll. While playing 5 Roll, it is important to fill the scorecard strategically to maximize the score after each roll. Even though the numbers which will appear on the dice after rolling is a matter of luck, deciding whether to keep a score or re-roll the dice requires proper planning and thinking by the player. It is a game of both luck and skills. 

How to Play 5 Roll?

For playing 5 Roll, the player needs to roll the dices. Per turn, the player can roll up to a maximum of three dices. The aim of the player while rolling the dice is to get the highest combination of the score for one of the 13 different categories. For rolling dice in 5 Roll, click on the “Roll” button, which is present in the left corner of the game screen. Further, the rolled dice can be moves into the dice holder simply by clicking on it. The dice which is held cannot further be re-rolled. If the player wishes to re-roll the dice at any point in the game, the player can click on the held dice to return it to the playing area again. If the rolled dice belongs to the same colour, the player gets to choose to roll a multiplier dice, the cost of which are the remaining re-rolls. The multiplier options available in 5 Roll are no multiplier, 2X and 3X.

After the turn ends after three rolls, the player needs to decide which boxes they want to use in order to fill the scorecard. The box should be filled in a manner that can fetch the player the highest score possible. Each category can be filled with 1x, 2x and 3x score multiplier, and hence, it needs to be decided logically. The game also involves risk in a manner that the player has the option of entering either zero or the score in the 42 boxes available in order to win. It depends upon the player whether they want to enter the score right away or risk waiting for a higher roll. Scores of common kinds are depicted below:

  • 5 of a Kind: 50 points
  • Full House: 25 points
  • Small Straight (4 in a row): 30 points
  • Large Straight (all in a row): 40 points
  • Chance: Sum of all dice

It is crucial for the player to decide which dice they want to keep and which they want to re-roll again, as this decision will have an impact on the final score of 5 Roll.

Release Date

5 Roll was rolled out on December 06, 2019.


5 Roll is developed and maintained by Arkadium.


The game of 5 Roll can be played on a web browser for different types of devices, including smartphone and computer.


Use the mouse to click on a roll and select the scoring values


  • Beautiful graphics
  • User-friendly interface
  • Uni-player mode
  • Strategical game


How is 5 Roll different from Yahtzee?

Yahtzee is a multiplayer game, whereas 5 Roll is a single-player game.

What are the different combinations of the five dices are possible in 5 Roll?

Seven kinds of combinations are possible in 5 Roll. The possible combinations of the five dices in 5 Roll are listed below:

  • 3 of a kind (score: sum of all the dices)
  • 4 of a kind (score: sum of all the dices)
  • 5 of a kind (score: 50 points)
  • Full house (score: 25 points)
  • Small Straight (score: 30 points)
  • Large Straight (score: 40 points)
  • Chance (score: sum of all the dices)

Can the score of 5 Roll be saved?

Yes, Arkadium allows the player to save the scores earned in 5 Roll for future reference. However, the player will have to log in to their Arkadium account for saving the scores.

In how many boxes the score needs to be filled to win?

For winning, the player needs to enter either score or zero in the 42 boxes of the game.

Which combination fetches the highest score in 5 Roll?

The 5 of a kind fetches the highest score in 5 Roll. With 5 of a kind, the player gets to earn 50 points.