Jewel Shuffle

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Jewel Shuffle is a sweets-themed strategy game where you have to match colorful candies. The game is available for free and is. Like any other matching game, even the objective in Jewel Shuffle is to match the jewels next to each other. At least three jewels need to be matched together, either horizontally or vertically. Swapping is possible in Jewel Shuffle only with the directly adjacent jewels. For swapping a jewel, simply click on the jewel and then drag it to the direction in which you want to move it. Further, if the player is not comfortable with dragging, they also have the option of clicking on the jewel with which they want to swap it. When identical jewels are matched in Jewel Shuffle, the matched jewel disappears from the board and new jewels appear in it.

How to Play Jewel Shuffle?

In Jewel Shuffle, the player needs to match identical jewels and clear them off the board. Matching a minimum of three jewels is necessary for clearing them off the board in the game of Jewel Shuffle. Matching three jewels fetches the players with 10 points in Level 1. However, matching three jewels in Level 2 fetches the player with 20 points. Hence the points earned by the player depends upon the level of the game and the number of jewels that are being connected. With higher links of the jewels, the points earned by the player can also be increased in the game. Also, it is possible to connect multiple matches in a single move to earn plenty of points.

Release Date

Jewel Shuffle was launched on 7 April 2020.


Jewel Shuffle is developed and maintained by Arkadium.


Jewel Shuffle is available on web browsers and can be played both from smartphones and laptop.


Jewel Shuffle demands the player to swap jewels in a manner that a connection between three or more jewels are created. The player needs to use the mouse for swapping the jewel either by clicking on it or by dragging it.


  • Colourful jewels
  • Hints available
  • Multiple levels
  • Support super gems in the form of boost
  • Beautiful graphics
  • Fun and addictive


Is there a bonus available in Jewel Shuffle?

Yes, powerful bonus gems appear in Jewel Shuffle when the player creates a longer chain by connecting jewels. Also, as the player keep paying and earning a point, the progress bar at the top fills up. When the progress bar is completely filled, the next level in the game starts.

Is it possible to swap jewels in Jewel Shuffle without earning points?

No, it is not possible to swap jewels in Jewel Shuffle without earning points. It is mandatory to earn points with every single move in Jewel Shuffle.

How the scoring in the game changes with each level?

With a new level in Jewel Shuffle, the basic score of the game goes up by 50 points. For instance, matching three jewels in the first level fetches 10 points but in the second level, the player earns 20 points.

What are some common tips to win Jewel Shuffle?

It is important to make a longer chain to win Jewel Shuffle. However, while creating a chain of three or four jewels, the player sometimes overlooks other longer patterns L and T pattern. Joining jewels in L and T patterns enable the player to create a longer chain. Making such chains fetches Star Gem. The Star Gem then can be used for massively eliminating gems from the board. Further, while making the chain, it is advisable to create chains from the top. It is because creating chains at the bottom distorts the arrangement at the top. Therefore, to ensure that that the alignment remains intact, start eliminating the jewels from the top.

Is there a hint option available in Jewel Shuffle?

Yes, hints are available in Jewel Shuffle. Click on the magnifying glass to get the hints in the game. However, it is important to remember that the hint in Jewel Shuffle doesn’t guarantee the best strategic move in the game. Further, the screen sometimes shows diagonal shimmer in the jewels. If particularly, the player is looking at one-stop, then this can be used for getting a refreshed perspective in the game too.