Word Wipe

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Word Wipe is a fun word game where you have to race against the timer and join the individual letter tiles to create different words. Word Wipe is different from other words in the sense that you have to run against the clock and create the words as quickly as possible. The faster you create words, the more points you will get.

This game takes tests of how sharp and agile you are because you will not only have to create words from all the letter tiles on the board but also create those words as quickly as possible because you will be running against the timer.

How to play Word Wipe?

Playing Word Wipe is simple. You need to select the tiles are create words. You can make words in the following ways; Horizontally, Vertically, Diagonally, or a combination of all of these. You cannot create words in ways other than this.

When you spot the words then you will have to click and drag the letters in the proper order to form that word and those tiles will be removed.

The longer and complex your words are, the more points you will get. But remember, you will have to do all of this in the given time. The clock will start as the game will start and you will have to make words as quickly as possible. The more words that you create in the given time, the more points will you score.

Bonus Bombs:

Bonus Bombs is a special feature of Word Wipe that gives you the ability to; clear more words, earn more points and achieve a higher score.

You get bonus bombs by completing the objectives/goals set by the game. Once you complete the goals set by the game, your bonus bombs will be charged. You can then use bonus bombs to clear the letters on the board.

To use the bonus bomb, click and drag the bonus bomb onto the tiles. Now highlight the letters that you want to be removed. All the highlighted letters will be removed.

Release Date:

Word Wipe was released in April 2016.


Word Wipe is developed by Arkadium.


Word Wipe is available to play on both Android and iOS through dedicated mobile apps. You can also play it on any platform as it is also playable on web browsers.


Word Wipe is played using the mouse only.

  • Use the left mouse button to select the tiles and create words.


Can I play Word Wipe on mobile?

Yes, you can play Word Wipe on your mobiles through dedicated apps and also on web browsers.

Can I play Word Wipe with friends?

Word Wipe is a single-player game where you can try to create as many words as possible in the given time. You cannot play it with your friends. It is a single-player game only.

What is the minimum length of the word that I can create?

You need to create words that are at least three letters long.

How to score points more during the game?

You can score more points in the game by creating long and complicated words.