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Slope is an arcade game offered by Y8 games. In Slope, the users need to do a simple task of rolling down the slope which becomes challenging after a time. The player needs to roll without falling from the edge of the slope and without hitting any obstacles. Slope provides the users with a never-ending surface where the players will keep going downhill. To be precise, the player needs to control a ball that rolls down sharply from a steep slope. What makes the Slope an exciting game is that as you cover more distance in Slope, the speed of the ball will keep increasing. Though the game is easy to look at, it is quite difficult to play.

How to Play Slope?

The player can play Slope simply using the keyboard. In Slope, the player needs to keep the rolling ball in the never-ending slope without falling from the edge of the slope and also by ensuring that it does not hit any obstacle. The maze is endless and therefore the only aim of the player is to beat its previous highest score. In Slope, the easiest way to stay in the slope is by staying in the vertical line. The reflexes of the player come into play when an obstacle arrives in the way. Obstacles in Slope are present in the form of cubes in the slope.

Playing Slope game becomes tricky when an obstacle is present in the mid-way for which the player needs to move swiftly along the edge. Sometimes, the pathway also narrows down to increase the challenge in the game. Also, avoid bumping to the red walls along with the red cubes to stay in the game. The entire game gives a futuristic aesthetic to the user with only the usage of red, green and black color. One can also see their score in the leaderboard for which the player will have to register in the game. You can see the scores in the leaderboard of today, past 7 days, past 30 days and the all-time score.  Currently, the highest score in Slope is 417 scored by AndoAxel on May 27, 2018.  For registering in the game, you need to enter the following information:

  • Nickname
  • First Name
  • Email
  • Password
  • Select your gender
  • Enter your date of birth

After filling in the information, you will be logged in. Also, you need to confirm your account by clicking on the link sent in your inbox.

Release Date

Slope was launched on 30th September 2014 by Y8 Studio. The current version of the game 1.042 was updated on 22nd June 2020.


Slope is offered by Y8 which is popularly known for building its game as an open-source project. The game was developed by Rob Kay.


  • Android (4.1 and up)
  • Web-browser


Slope can simply be played only using the keyboard where the ball can be steered using the keyboard. Use the left arrow to move left and the right arrow to move right.

  • Left Arrow/ Q: To move left
  • Right Arrow/ D: To move right


  • Never-ending slope
  • Randomized slope to keep the adrenaline level high
  • The difficulty level keeps increasing as the game progresses
  • Futuristic aesthetic with retro graphics


What obstacles are present in Slope?

In Slope, the obstacles are present in the form of red cubes in the path and also as red walls. The player needs to avoid these in order to survive in the game.

How many lives does one receive in Slope?

In Slope, the player receives only one life. If the player falls off the edge or hits an obstacle, they will lose that life and will have to start over.

Why does the speed of the ball rolling downhill increase in the Slope?

To make it challenging for the player, as the distance covered by the ball increases, the speed of the ball rolling downhill also increases.

What is the highest score?

The highest score in Slope is 417.