4/5 - (1 vote) is a survival game where the player has to collect the resources to build a village. For building the village, the users will have to collect wood and stones by hitting the trees and rocks. The coins acquired through it are then used to build walls and windmills. The wall provides protection to both the resources and windmills. In the game, windmills give the players coins from time to time. The objective of the player in is to level up by gathering as many resources as they can.

How to Play is all about gathering resources. It is only through gathering resources in that the players will be able to build structures. The game supports four types of resources:

  • Wood: Represented by a tree. You can gather wood by swinging your weapon towards a tree.
  • Food: It is represented by a cherry bush or apple tree. You need it to ensure your food reserve is sufficiently filled.
  • Rock: A large grey boulder represents the rock. This resource is used to create structures that are harder to destroy in comparison to the wooden structure.
  • Gold: It is represented by a gold-coloured boulder and is very rare in the game. For levelling up your score in the leaderboard, you should aim to collect as much gold as possible.

In, your level is shown through your age. You can increase your age in either by gathering resources or by killing your opponents. As you age, your skills will upgrade which you can use to create new structure and weapons. Currently, supports a maximum age of 15.

The resources which are available in each age are listed below:

  • Age 1: tool hammer, apple, wood wall, windmill
  • Age 2: greater axe/short sword
  • Age 3: cookie/stone wall
  • Age 4: pit trap/boost pad
  • Age 5: greater spike/better windmill/ stone mine
  • Age 6: hunting bow/great hammer/shield

At the beginning of the game, each player is provided with 100 hit points. If the hit points touch zero, the player will die and lose all the resources that they have gathered. The player who successfully manages to kill other players will gain a portion of their gold.

Also, in, you can form your packs using the tribe feature. You can include your friends in your tribe and coordinate with them. When a player joins a tribe, they are able to see other tribe members operating on the server through a mini-map.

Release Date was launched in March 2017

Developer is developed by Sidney de Vries.


  • Web-based browser
  • Android (Android 4.4 and up)
  • iOS (iPhone: requires iOS 9.0 or later)


  • W: To move up
  • A: To move left
  • S: To move down
  • D: To move right
  • 1 to 9 keys: For selecting items and building
  • Space: To gather resources and hit other players
  • E: Google auto-attack
  • Q: Quick select food
  • R: Pings minimap
  • C: Adds map marker
  • Enter: Opens chat screen


  • Survival game
  • Multi-player game that allows creating a tribe with friends
  • Upgradable character


What is the best weapon available in

The best weapon available in is Katana which can do 40 damage. Further, the range of the player increases with Kantana. In order to upgrade to Katana, it is mandatory to have a sword.

Is there a secret weapon available in

A shotgun is a secret weapon in

How to earn gold coins in

For the fastest way of acquiring gold in, the player needs to hit two resources of any category using a gold mine with the help of a stick while wearing a miner’s helmet. The player should also have power mills.

How to kill a player instantly on

An instant kill in kills the enemy instantly. The player can instantly kill an opponent with any weapon, provided they are using the bull helmet, turret hat musket, or spike while making the move.

What does the pit trap do in

The pit trap is available to the players in Age 4. The pit trap is invisible to other players, excluding your tribe. When an opponent steps on it, they become immovable for some time during which you can kill them.