Rate this game is a web-based survival game, recently acquired by Addicting Games. It is a multi-player game that comes with top-down animal survival play. In the game, the player starts with a tiny creature in a world filled with large predators. The goal of the player is to eat food and also, to avoid getting eaten. As time passes, the creature will climb up the food chain by growing. As the creature grows, they can unlock new abilities and become apex predators. If you manage to survive in the game of, from a tiny mouse, you get the opportunity to grow into a ferocious dragon.

How to Play

In, you will start the game as a small creature, for levelling up in the game, you need to eat a certain food. After consuming the good, when you level up, you become a powerful creature. In, the objective of the player is to become a more powerful creature by eating the right mood to climb the food chain.

The creatures that are larger than your creature can eat you. In, such creatures are outlined in a red circle. The red circle indicates that the animal is dangerous for you and to remain safe, you need to avoid it. However, if you see an animal in light green, you should know that you are safe from that animal and that creature is your prey and you are the predator. You can eat your prey to level up. However, please note that the smaller creature can attack you by biting your tail. This won’t kill you but can damage you for sure.  Also, to survive in the game, you need to keep drinking water to avoid death because you simply ran out of water. You can drink water in by eating the blue dots present around large blue circles. Additionally, you can get water by staying in a lake, however, gaining access to water through this method is slow.

Release Date was released in November 2016.

Developer is developed by Stan Tatarnykov. He is better known as Clickstan.


  • Android
  • iOS
  • Web-browser


  • Mouse: To move around the map
  • Joystick: Can be used to control the movement on tablet and mobile phone
  • Spacebar: Dash
  • Double Click: For using the second ability
  • Right-Click or W: For using your primary ability
  • S: To spit water
  • Enter: To chat in the game


  • Survival based multiplayer game
  • Cute and colorful graphics
  • Challenging


Can a smaller animal eat a bigger animal?

A smaller animal cannot eat you. However, smaller animals can bite the tail of the larger animals. This is the only way through which the small animals can attack larger animals to protect themselves. Biting a tail can be a bit damaging but it is not life-threatening.

Which is the most powerful animal in

At present, the most powerful animal in is the King Dragon. It is because it lies at the top of the food chain. Along with King Dragon, Black Dragon is also pretty strong.

Why my animal cannot fit into small holes?

As your animal grows during evolution, it will need a larger hall to fit itself. The only large animal that can fit into a small hole in the mole. Unless you are a mole, you will have to look for a hole large enough to fit your animal.

What will happen if I don’t drink water in

To survive in, it is essential for the player to drink water. You can drink water by eating small blue dots. Another way of acquiring water includes staying near a water body like a lake. When present near the lake, ensure that you are safe from other animals.

How many creatures are available in

Currently, supports 117 animals.

How to grow quickly in

The only way of growing in is to eat food items that are assigned to your animals.

How to spit water in

For spitting water in, first, the player needs to collect a water droplet. Once the water bar is filled, all you need to do is press S to spit water.