4.3/5 - (3 votes) is a multiplayer game where each player aims to conquer the largest territory to win the game. The player needs to come with innovative strategies to conquer and expand their territory while being careful to ensure that their tail remains intact. A touch in the tail by the opponent will kill the player. While expanding their territory in, it is also important to guard the current territory to save it from the opponent.

How to Play

In, you are assigned a cube. The cube represents the player and the player has the freedom to go up, down, left and right. For winning the game, you have to ensure that your cube makes the largest area in your colour on the map without dying. The player has the option to customize the skin of the cube. If one chooses not to have skin, they should know that the colour of the cube will change from time to time. Each cube comes with a tail that cannot hit anything. If an opponent touches the tail of the cube, the player will die. Also, the tail cannot touch the borders or the corners of the map. In the beginning, the cube will occupy a space of 3×3 and then the player has the job to expand the area. To ensure that you have successfully occupied an area, you will have to move back the cube to its original colour area. The player needs to keep doing it repeatedly until it covers 100% area. The catch here is that other players will be present on the same map, doing the same job. supports seven modes:

  • Classic: the original game
  • Small Map: the map turns small
  • Fast Speed: The player runs faster on the original map
  • Turbo: The player runs at the fastest speed available in the original map
  • Small Map And Fast Speed: The map turns small and you travel fast, but not at turbo speed
  • Slow Speed: The players go at a slow speed in the original mode
  • Inverted Controls: The player plays in the original mode but all the controls are reversed. The up arrow is used to down and similarly, the left arrow is used to go right and vice-versa.

Release Date

The game was released in 2016


Voodoo developed


  • Android
  • iOS
  • Web-based game


  • Up Arrow: to go up
  • Down Arrow: to go down
  • Left Arrow: to go left
  • Right Arrow: to go right

The controls will be reversed in the inverted controls mode.


  • Doesn’t require an internet connection
  • Supports seven modes
  • Multi-player game


How to play  with friends?

For playing with your friends, tap on the “Pay with a friend” tab. This option will automatically create a private room that can only be accessed via a unique link. Share this link with your friend to play with them.

How to play on a browser?

Open your browser, and type “” and hit enter. The official website of will open. Then choose a username and hit play. Choose a custom skin if you want, else, you can go for the default solid colour skin. Next, choose one of the seven-game modes which are available. The game screen will now appear on your screen. Use the arrow keys to move around the map. Capture as much territory as you can. You can also find the game in Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

How to kill an opponent in

For killing an opponent in, you will need to touch their tail which they leave behind. To ensure your safety, go ahead to capture a large area only when you are sure that there is no one out there to attack your tail.

How to swiftly expand territory in

It is advised to remain safe, you travel only a short distance and expand only to a small area before retreating to your safe zone. Keep doing it to occupy the entire area. Going for one big capture can risk your tail.