Mahjongg Candy

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Mahjongg Candy is created by drawing ideas from the classic game of Mahjong. In Mahjongg Candy, the player is given the task of matching the candies. Instead of matching the tiring and complex traditional Chinese symbols, you have to match easily to look at candies. The game has all the standard rules of Mahjong. The game is fast-paced and the users need to match the candies in Mahjongg Candy as fast as they can. While matching candies in Mahjongg Candy, don’t forget to think logically for ensuring that other tiles also match easily.

How to Play Mahjongg Candy?

Mahjongg Candy is similar to dominoes, chest, and even sudoku. Are you wondering how? Well, it is because it is a very challenging game that will keep your brain active when you play. In Mahjongg Candy, the mahjong tiles are placed like puzzle pieces. All the puzzle pieces of Mahjongg Candy contain a picture of candies, in fact, colorful candies if we are talking about it precisely.

The main objective of the player in Mahjongg Candy is to match a pair of tiles that are the same. For winning the game, the player has to match all the tiles which are present on the board while ensuring that the baby birds which are stuck between the mahjong tiles are safe. The baby bird element was introduced in Mahjongg Candy for adding an extra layer of fun. While playing the game, you can also collect shining golden acorn tiles.

Also, in Mahjongg Candy, the player can pair only the unblocked tiles. If you are able to spot a matching pair of candy tiles but are blocked, you won’t be able to pair them without unblocking the tiles. In Mahjongg Candy, unblocked tiles mean that the tile has a free edge and no other tile is present at the top of it. For every pair that you make in Mahjongg Candy, you will earn 100 points. However, you can maximize your points by matching multiplier tiles. Also, to give an extra rush of adrenaline to the player, a time limit of five minutes has been set. You have to try to match all the tiles in Mahjongg Candy for under five minutes. How interesting is that?

Release Date

Mahjongg Candy was released in May 2015 for Android devices, June 2015 for iOS users. Further, it was rolled out for HTML5 in October 2016


Mahjongg Candy is developed by Arkadium.


  • Web browser
  • Android
  • iOS


For matching tiles in Mahjongg Candy, you just need to click on the tiles that you want to select.


  • It supports more than 600 boards
  • Easy to play but the challenge keeps increasing with each passing level
  • Powerful boosts
  • Customization is available
  • Beautiful graphic and rich sound effect


What are the additional features available in Mahjongg Candy?

If you are finding it extremely hard to pair matching candy tiles in Mahjongg Candy, you can go for the shuffle options. The shuffle option will shuffle the tiles for you. However, please note that for each shuffle, two seconds will be deducted from your final time. You need to complete the game within five minutes.

How many points can be earned by matching tiles on Mahjongg Candy?

For matching a pair, the users will get 100 points. However, if you are able to match the multiplier tiles, the user will straightaway earn 400 points. The multiplier options available in Mahjongg Candy are 2X and 3X.

Is there any hint available in Mahjongg Candy?

Yes, when the player is not able to match the tiles for a long time, the matchable tiles start to shake in their place. However, if you keep on waiting for this hint, you will run out of time.

What are the stats shown in Mahjongg Candy?

In Mahjongg Candy, the following stats are shown: base score, time bonus, final score and high score.

When the tiles are said to be unblocked in Mahjongg Candy?

In Mahjongg Candy, the tiles are said to be unblocked when it has one open right or left edge and is not underneath another tile.