UNO Online

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UNO Online is the online version of the popular UNO game that you can play from your web browser. The aim of the player is to get rid of the cards that they are holding before the opponents do. The player who loses all the cards firstly wins the game. UNO Online is played in three rounds. In each turn, a player will lose a card, you have to match the card for discarding the pile. You can match the card with your previous card on the basis of colour, number and symbol. However, in case if you fail to match the card, you can pass your turn by picking a card from the pile.

UNO Online is derived from UNO which is a card game created in 1971 by Merie Robbins. In 1992, the rights of the game were purchased by Mattel for $50,000. Over the years, it has become one of the popular games from around the globe.

How to Play Uno Online?

In UNO Online, the one who loses their cards first wins the game. However, there’s a catch, when you are left with only one card, you need to hit the UNO button. If you fail to do so, you will have to pick two cards from the pile. UNO Online comes with five action cards. These action cards are:

  • Skip card: When a player uses this card, the player next to him/her misses their turn.
  • Reverse: When this card is played, the turn of the player reverses.
  • Draw two: When a player throws this card, the next player has to pick two cards and misses the turn of playing a card.
  • Wild card: In this card, the player gets to choose in which colour they want to proceed with the game.
  • Draw four: With this card, the player not only gets to choose the colour in which the game will proceed but also forces the next player to pick four cards.

If you use these action cards of UNO Online wisely, the chance of winning the game becomes extremely high, provided you have luck by your side. For playing UNO Online with real people, select on the right arrow that comes with a globe. Then, choose a nickname and click on “OK”. You will then be connected to a lobby where you have the option of joining other people and creating your very own group by clicking on “Create Match”. However, for joining other groups you will need their password if the group comes with a locked sign. However, if there is no locked sign, you are free to join the group. If you choose to create your own room, you will have to name the room and then it’s up to you whether you want to include a password or not. If you do not include a password, your room becomes public. Also, you will have to choose the maximum number of players which you want to include in the game.

Release Date

UNO Online was launched in 2009. However, the real game of the UNO was launched in 1971.


UNO was developed by Merie Robbins. However, the right of the games now belongs to Mattel.


UNO Online can be played on web-platform


You simply need to use the mouse to drag and drop the suitable card or pick a card.


How many cards should the player draw if they forget to say UNO before dropping their last card?

The player needs to draw two cards if they fail to say UNO before dropping the last card.

What is force play in UNO?

When you don’t have any card to play because nothing matches the card thrown by the previous player, you will have to draw a card. However, if the card that you have drawn is playable, you can play that card automatically. This is called force play in UNO.

How many cards are there in UNO?

UNO is played with 108 cards.

How many players can play UNO Online?

UNO Online supports three modes in which a minimum of two players and a maximum of four players can play

What does the summary of the UNO Online shows?

At the end of the game, the summary of the individual scores are shown.

Is it necessary to play UNO Online with friends?

No, you can play UNO Online with the computer itself.