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Bridge is a classic solitaire card game that involves 52 cards in a deck. Four players play the game in a team of two. However, when you play Bridge online, you have the freedom to get a virtual partner and fight against a virtual opponent. In Bridge, the objective of the player is to gain points by tricking the opponent. The winner of the game is the team that manages to win two matches also called rubber. There are three rounds in Bridge, out of which to win the player has to win two games. However, the overall winner is the team that manages to get in contact by scoring either 100 points or more than that.

How to Play Bridge?

You can play the game of Bridge in five steps. In the very first step, the aim of the player is to win a bridge contract by placing bids, which will also require taking tricks. You will have to guess the number of tricks that you think your team can win with a specific trump suit. The bid will contain digits from 1 to 7 and a trump suit. In order to win the bid, the team will have to win the number of tricks that they have stated plus six.

The final highest bid in the game is called the contract. After the bidding process is complete, the hand of the bridge is played in a series where each player has to place a card clockwise from the leader. The winner of the last trick becomes the leader of Bridge. In the fourth step, the player has to play the suit of trump cards, which gets decided in the bidding duration itself. The highest card of the leading suit wins the trick in Bridge.

However, the trump cards are powerful enough to beat all other cards, no matter in which suit they belong to. In the fifth step, the player has to remember that they need to follow the lead suit. To win the game, the player has to score 100 or more contract points after which the next game initiates. Extra points can be earned by the players for winning either a small slam or a grand slam. In addition to that, honors points are granted to the team who initiates the deal with the top four or five trumps. All this information must be too hard to grasp in the initial stage. However, as you play the game, you will become accustomed to it.


Bridge is available on web browsers both for desktop and smartphone devices.


All the movements of the game can be controlled via the mouse. The left click of the mouse is to be used for choosing a card.


  • Clean interface
  • Supports full-screen mode
  • Challenging and interesting game


How are the teams divided into Bridge?

There are two teams in Bridge. The first team is named South and North and the second team is known as East and West. The name is on the basis of the position in which the players are sitting.

Which stats are maintained in Bridge?

The following stats are mentioned in Bridge: Rubber Bonus, Slam Bonus, Double Bonus, Honors, Overtricks, Undertricks, Game 1 Points, Game 2 Points, Game 3 points and Total Points.

Can bidding recap be checked on Bridge?

Yes, you can check the bidding recap on Bridge.

What is the scoring rule of Bridge?

The scoring rule of Bridge is as follows: if the trumps are either diamonds or clubs, the player earns 20 points per trick. However, if the trumps are either spades or hearts, the player will earn 30 points per trick. If the cards are notrump, then the player will be awarded 40 points for the first trick and for each subsequent trick, they will earn 30 points.

How overtrick points are assigned in Bridge?

Bridge is assigned for the tricks which are done above the stated number in the contract.