Daily Solitaire

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Daily Solitaire is a classic game with a fresh twist in the Klondike solitaire game. As the name suggests, in Daily Solitaire, the player gets a new game of Daily Solitaire every day to play that comes with different challenges and difficulty level. The difficulty level of the game depends on the day on which the player plays the game. The easiest level of Daily Solitaire is featured on Monday, and the difficulty level progresses as time goes by. In short, the easiest level is available on Mondays, and the most difficult level is featured on Daily Solitaire. The progress of the game is saved daily. Playing the game daily allows the player to earn a daily bonus too.

How to Play Daily Solitaire?

In Daily Solitaire, the player needs to stack cards in a sequence from Ace to King according to suit on the foundation piles. There are four foundation piles on the game, and each foundation comes with its own suit. A card can be moved on Daily Solitaire in a manner that the card which is moved is placed on one higher position than them, and further, it should be of opposite colour too. Additionally, the player has the freedom to move multiple cards, provided the pile of cards that the player wants to move are arranged in both descending orders and is of alternate colours. The empty columns on the table can only be filled either by kings or by a sequential group. Cards in Daily Solitaire can only be dealt with from the reserver in a manner that it can waste either one or three at a time. The waste can further be recycled too. From the waste, only the top card can be used for filling a gap on the table or foundation.

Release Date

Each day a new solitaire game is rolled out by Arkadium in Daily Solitaire.


The developer of Daily Solitaire is Arkadium.


Daily Solitaire is available on a web browser, and it can be played both from a smartphone and from a computer too.


Use the mouse to move the cards from the deck and for playing the game.


  • Daily challenges
  • Online solitaire with a twist
  • Allows the player to save the score
  • Four difficulty levels
  • Available on all the devices


What stats are available in Daily Solitaire?

The following stats are available in the game:

  • The score of the game
  • Daily bonus
  • Monthly score

Can we save our score in Daily Solitaire?

Yes, you can save your score in Daily Solitaire. For saving the score, you will have to log in. If you do not have an account in Arkadium to log in, you can sign up for creating your Arkadium profile by providing your email address and a password that contain at least eight characters and one uppercase letter. Additionally, you have the option to create an account using either the Facebook account or Google account.

How can we know the difficulty level of the game that we are playing in Daily Solitaire?

In Daily Solitaire, the game with the lowest difficulty level starts on Monday, and the game with the highest difficulty level is available on Sunday. Further, the difficulty level of the game in Daily Solitaire is marked with stars. The information for the same is provided below:

  • Monday: One star (Easiest level)
  • Tuesday and Wednesday: Two stars (Easy level)
  • Thursday and Friday: Three stars (Medium level)
  • Saturday and Sunday: Four stars (Toughest level)

Depending on the difficulty level of the game, the player earns the score too. For instance, the one-star games fetch 100 points, the two stars games fetch 200 points, the three stars games fetch 300 points, and the toughest level fetches 400 points for the player.

How can a player get the monthly bonus score?

Each day for playing a game of Daily Solitaire, the player gets a daily bonus score. The monthly progress of the game can be checked by the player at the bottom of the score. For gaining the monthly score, the player needs to solve 30 puzzles. Completing the 30 games will fetch the player a monthly bonus of 3000 scores.

Is there a time limit for completing a game of Daily Solitaire?

No, there is neither any time limit nor any limit on the moves that the player can make.