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Lumeno is an Arkadium original game that is immensely popular among the players. In the game, the player needs to match shiny orbs set in a magic forest. It is a puzzle game where the orbs of matching colours have to be connected which results in light. What makes the game challenging is that it comes with a limited number of moves.

How to Play Lumeno?

In the game of Lumeno, the player needs to connect three or more balls of the same colour to clear them from the board. In addition to normal matching, it comes with plenty of boosts too. In Lumeno, the player needs to draw through the flowers which will enable them to earn more moves. In addition to that plenty of boosts are available in Lumeno. Drawing through the boosts while matching the same coloured tiles enable the player to clear more tiles. Each level comes with a limited number of moves. For instance, in the first level, the player needs to win the game in 15 moves. At the top of the screen, the number of moves left, multiplier and the score earned by the player is indicated. The player is allowed to connect dots in up, down, left, right and even in a diagonal manner too. The longer the connected dots, the higher is the chance of getting additional flower and boosts. For instance, connecting four coloured balls will result in a flower that will help the player in earning additional moves. It is also advisable that just because a boost is available on the board does not mean it needs to be used. It is not advisable to completely wipe the board out of boosts. Also, if you are looking forward to earning good points, you also need to think about the next move that you will make after making the current move. Combining more than six balls in Lumeno results in an explosion that clears even other coloured balls from the board.

Release Date

Lumeno was rolled out in April 2020.


Lumeno is developed by Arkadium.


Lumeno is available on a web browser and can be played on both smartphone and computer.


Use the mouse to connect the balls of three or more than three similar colours.


  • Features boosts and multiplier
  • Never-ending game
  • Addictive puzzle game
  • Limited movies
  • Beautiful graphics


What scores are displayed at the end of Lumeno?
The score earned in the game and the best score of the player is displayed in Lumeno.

Can we save the score in Lumeno?
Yes, the score can be saved by the player, provided they log in to their Arkadium account to save the score.

Can the number of moves be increased in Lumeno?
Yes, the number of moves can be increased in Lumeno by drawing through the flowers while connecting the balls. There are flowers present in Lumeno which can reward the player with 15 additional moves. For availing such flowers, it is important to create a longer chain.

How to produce more boosts and flowers in Lumeno?
For creating more boosts and flowers, connect longer ball chains. Connecting a longer ball chain creates more boosts and flowers. Connecting at least four ball chains guarantees at least one additional flower which will help the player to earn more moves. Also, if the player manages to create a chain of seven balls, they will be awarded two additional boosts.

What does the number in the flowers represent in Lumeno?
The numbers present in the flowers of Lumeno represents the number of moves that the player can earn when those flowers are used. Sometimes, Lumeno also provides the player with flowers that can reward them with 15 moves which become very beneficial when it comes to earning more score.

How many levels are there in Lumeno?
There are no levels in Lumeno. It is a never-ending game that the player can play until they are left with moves. There is an ample number of opportunities for the player to earn extra moves in the game. Using the earned moves, the player can make a new best score. In this game, there is no level to cross. However, the player can aim to beat their previous best score in order to get a sense of accomplishment while playing Lumeno.