Arkadium’s Texas Hold’Em

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Arkadium’s Texas Hold’Em is one of the most popular card games that requires luck, skills and strategy. Arkadium’s Texas Hold’Em is a poker style tournament game that has no bye-ins. For winning the game, the player needs to be the last one in the table. Arkadium’s Texas Hold’Em is a popular poker variant that was mostly played in casinos in the United States. The game became popular because of its simplicity. With the exposure on television, the internet and literature, the game was played widely in the 2000s. Texas Hold’Em became so popular that it replaced all other forms of casinos in the US and became the most common game.

How To Play Arkadium’s Texas Hold’Em?

In the game of Arkadium’s Texas Hold’Em, each player is handed two private cards which are also known as hole cards or pocket cards After the card is distributed, the betting round begins. In the first round, three community cards flop and this is followed by the second betting round. Similarly, in the fourth community card is dealt face up and is called the Turn and this is followed by the third betting round. After that, a fifth community card is dealt face up and this is followed by the final betting round and the fourth round. Then come the Showdown during which each player plays the best five cards that they have.

Arkadium’s Texas Hold’Em supports a maximum of 10 players and a minimum of two players.In Arkadium’s Texas Hold’Em, a single card is dealt with face up to each player. The first dealer is the one who manages to get the high card. The position of the dealer is indicated through a white plastic chip. For playing a hand, the player has to first offer a minimum bet and then call it the highest bet by any player. If you have a good feeling about the cards that you have, you can also go-ahead to raise the bet. However, while doing it check how confident your opponents are with their card. If by any chance, the round looks too rich for you, you can go ahead to fold and then play in the next round.

Release Date

Texas Hold’Em was released online in 2008.


Texas Hold’Em was developed for the online platform by Arkadium


  • Web-based game


The player needs to control on different tabs like fold, call, raise and check to select an option. The bet price can be increased and decreased using the plus and the minus sign respectively.


  • Each player deals with two cards
  • Easiest way of playing poker
  • The virtual price of the bet can be increased and decreased
  • The player can play with AI


How many cards are distributed at the beginning of the game?

In the beginning, two cards are distributed among all the players.

How many players can play Arkadium’s Texas Hold’Em?

Arkadium’s Texas Hold’Em can be played with 2-10 players.

What is the call, raise, fold and check in Arkadium’s Texas Hold’Em?

When a player matches the current bet by another player, it is called “call”, for increasing the amount of the bet, the player needs to “raise” and one can forfeit a round by hitting on “fold”. If no one raises the amount of bet since the game started, it is referred to as “check” and if a player has all the chips that they have in a round, it is said to be “all-in”.

How can one win the game of Arkadium’s Texas Hold’Em?

For winning the game of Arkadium’s Texas Hold’Em, a player must try to extract as much money as possible from the other players.

How many coins are provided to the players?

In the starting of the game, each player is provided 2000 coins. One can place the bet in the game in a multiple of 80. The lowest bet that one can place is 80.

What happens if a player runs out of money?

If a player runs out of money, a new player replaces the previous player in the game.