8 Ball Pool

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8 Ball Pool is an online multiplayer pool game by Arkadium where the player needs to pocket eight balls, the black being the last ball. The game comes in three levels: easy, medium and hard. The harder the mode the player chooses, the accurate will be the move of the opponent. In 8 Ball Pool, the player aims to shoot the pool ball in the table hole. 8 Ball Pool can be enjoyed by pro players. It is the best multiplayer game available to be played on smartphones and is loved by millions of users.

How to Play the 8 Ball Pool?

Before starting the game, the player needs to choose the mode in which they want to play the game: easy, medium and hard. Once the mode is selected, the player needs to aim for the pool cue. The player then needs to hold the mouse button and then pull it back depending on the power with which they want to shoot the ball. In the 8 Ball Pool, the player should aim to pocket the coloured pool balls of their time while ensuring that the opponent is not able to do the same. To win the game of 8 Ball Pool, the player first needs to pocket their seven pool balls and the aim for pocketing the eight ball which is black in colour.

In short, the player needs to pocket eight balls and hence, the name of the game is 8 Ball Pool. The game is further made challenging by making it compulsory to pocket the black ball in the pocket chosen by the player. The player needs to remember that if the black ball is wrongly pocketed or if it is pocketed before pocketing the first seven balls, the player will instantly lose the game. When the player pockets the ball correctly, the player gets an additional shot. The player can also spin the ball. Hitting the centre will result in a normal hit. In addition to that, the ball can also do stuns, follow, draw and move left or right.

Release Date

8 Ball Pool was launched in October 2010.


8 Ball Pool was developed by Arkadium


8 Ball Pool is available on Web-browser


To perform a strike in the 8 Ball Pool, the player needs to aim with the mouse and then, the player needs to hold and drag the cure back. After that, the player needs to release the cue. The further the users pull the cue, the stronger will be the hit.


  • Allows the users to shoot pools like in a real game
  • Intense PVP action
  • By playing for a bigger prize, the player can earn more
  • Massive collection of cue to choose from


What are the top tips to win the 8 Ball Pool?

Here are three tips to win a game of 8 Ball Pool. Firstly, the player needs to extend the aim to improve the accuracy. Secondly, when playing 8 Ball Pool take your time while aiming. It is important to take your time while aiming to pocket the ball. Lastly, you can spin the ball for giving a spicy touch while shooting the game.

What are common fouls in 8 Ball Pool?

Here are the five common fouls in 8 Ball Pool:

  1. When the player fails to hit their own pool ball.
  2. When the object ball or cue ball fails to touch the rails in the shot sequence.
  3. Pocketing the black ball before pocketing another seven balls in the game.
  4. Pocketing the seven ball simultaneously with the black pool ball will automatically result in losing the game.
  5. Pocketing a coloured ball in the same shot before pocketing the black ball results in losing the game again.
  6. You do not hit any ball or cushion with the cue ball.
  7. Hitting the opponent’s ball first before they hit results in a foul.
  8. Pocketing the eight ball into the wrong pocket (the pocket not chosen).

To whom the player plays the game of 8 Ball Pool?

The player plays against the computer.

How to cancel a shot in 8 Ball Pool?

For cancelling a shot in 8 Ball Pool, the player needs to move back the cue.