Short Life

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Short Life is a fun survival game where you control your hero and you will have to guide him through different levels which are full of bloody and deadly obstacles and challenges. You will have to try and get your hero through each level without losing body parts to get those 3 stars. Each level is full of traps and obstacles that are meant to cause unimaginable harm to your hero and kill him, you have to get your character safe through each without touching or coming in contact with any obstacle or trap.

How to play Short Life?

To play the game, you need immense patience and good reflexes. In each level of the game, you will have to jump, crouch, and move around in an unusual manner to avoid getting hit by obstacles and traps. Each obstacle and trap will blow up and shatter the body of your hero into pieces.

In each level, you will have to watch out for deadly and bloody traps that are meant to kill your hero. The first level of the game is easy and has a few traps only but as you progress further in the game and move on to higher levels, the game becomes very difficult, with obstacles and traps lying around here and there. You must avoid coming in contact with those traps and obstacles and collect the three stars in each level and finish the level, safe and sound.

Each trap will cause a lot of damage and kill your hero and once you come in contact with the obstacles or traps, you die and will have to restart the level from the start. To complete each level, you need a lot of patience, great timing, and reflexes. See if you can lead your hero and be the one to get him safe and sound out of those obstacles and traps in each level.


The game features about 6 different heroes that you can choose and play with. You start the game off with a default hero and collect the stars with him. After you collect a certain amount of stars, you can unlock different heroes and play with them.

Release Date:

Short Life was released in 2017. The Android version was released in October 2017 while the web version was released in December 2017.


Short Life is developed by GameTornado.


Short Life is available to play on Desktop browsers. The game is also available on Steam and also has a dedicated Android app.


On PC, Short Life is played using the keyboard only.

  • Use the left and right arrow keys to move the character.
  • Use the Up arrow key to stand or jump.
  • Use the Down arrow key to crouch.


Q. Can I play Short Life on my mobile phone?

Ans. Yes, you can play Short Life on your Android devices by downloading the application from the play store. For iOS devices, the app is not available and they can play the game through web browsers.

Q. How many levels are there in Short Life?

Ans. There are about 16 levels in the web version and 60 levels in the android version of the game in which you have to control your hero and guide him to complete the level while keeping him safe.

Q. How many heroes are there in the game?

Ans. There are a total of 6 different heroes in the game. You start with the default hero and you can unlock the other heroes by collecting a certain amount of starts.