Rate this game is one of the most popular MMO games online in which you have to eat or get eaten, there is no other way around. It is a fun, addictive game in which you are placed in an arena full of cells. You have to eat, grow, and dominate the arena to get in the leaderboards.

You will have to grow larger and larger in order to create the biggest cell in the arena. You have to keep moving around the arena, eat the pellets, and at the same time avoid getting eaten by opponents that are bigger than you. Doing all of this will result in you being the biggest cell in the arena. Can you conquer the arena and become the biggest cell of all?

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How to play

You will be placed in an arena full of other players and you will have to eat without getting eaten and dominate the arena. Move your cell around the arena and eat the colorful pellets that will help you grow.

Consume as many orbs or food pellets that you can in order to grow. When you grow to a large enough size then you can start consuming cells that are smaller than you.

There are two general rules of the game:

You can only consume the cells or targets that are smaller than you. You cannot consume cells or targets that are larger than you. Doing so will result in you getting eaten by them.

You must avoid getting in the way of larger objects, otherwise, you will be eaten by them and will start fresh.


  • Four different game modes
  • Fast-paced game
  • Account system
  • Unlockable skins
  • Play with your friends in the same arena
  • Full-Screen Mode

Release Date: was released in April 2015.

Developer: is developed by a Brazilian developer, Matheus Valadares.

Platforms: has dedicated Android and iOS apps. It is also available to play on web browsers on any platform.

Controls: is played using both the mouse and keyboard.

  • Use the Mouse to move your character around the arena.
  • Use the W key to eject mass.
  • Use the Spacebar to split yourself into pieces.


Is available to play online?

Yes, you can play online on your mobile devices and desktop PC.

Can I play on my mobile devices?

Yes, you can play on your mobile devices. The game has dedicated mobile apps for both Android and iOS. You can also play it through any web browser.

Can I play with my friends?

Yes, you can play with your friends in the same arena.