Block Champ

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Block Champ is an online puzzle game resembling the classical puzzle game Tetris but with few twists and changes. The game is almost the same as Tetris. You get a 10×10 grid where you have to place the blocks. Fill the rows and columns with the blocks to clear them.

Block Champ is similar to other classic grid games such as Tetris but the twist this game has that it doesn’t have the gravity that pulls down the block. Instead, you get 3 tiles/block at a time and you can drag and place them at any place on the grid.

But there is more, unlike Tetris, Block Champ features some extra features such as special blocks, a multiplier that can help you with the game. Can you really pass the extra challenges that this game throws at you?

How to play Block Champ?

To play Block Champ, you will get three blocks/tiles at a time and you can place them at any place on the 10×10 grid. When you complete a row of blocks then it will be removed from the grid. Use your mouse to drag and place the tiles onto the grid.

Special Blocks:

Apart from the regular blocks in the game, there are some special blocks in the block. These blocks include frozen blocks and lightning blocks.

  • Frozen Blocks require their line to be cleared twice before they disappear from the grid.
  • Lighting blocks are there to help you with frozen blocks and clearing a lighting block will clear all the frozen and normal blocks in that row.
  • Multiplier:

With each line that you clear, your score multiplier increases too. So, the more lines of the blocks that you clear, the more points will you score.


Block Champ is developed by UNDONESOFT LITE.

Release Date:

Block Champ was released in April 2020.


Block Champs is available to play on Android and web browsers (both mobile and desktop)


The game is played using the mouse only.

  • Use the left mouse button drag and place the tiles/block onto the grid.


Is Block Champ similar to Tetris?

Yes, Block Champ is very much similar to Tetris. You get the same 10×10 grid and tiles/block but instead of the gravity in Tetris that is constantly pushing down the tiles, you have to drag and place the tiles.

Can I play Block Champ with my friends?

No, you cannot play Block Champ with your friends as it is a single-player game only. 

Can I play Block Champ on my mobile?

Block Champ is available to play for free on all Android devices and you can also play it on web browser too(any platform).