Rate this game is a popular cross-platform snake game that is played by millions around the world. The game involves you growing your snake by consuming the colorful orbs in an arena full of other players. You must avoid being eaten by other snakes to become their food.

Just like the popular mobile game Snake, is also the same where you have to consume the orbs to grow but instead of single-player, it is a multiplayer game where you have to protect yourself from other players too.

How to play

To play, you will have to consume the colorful orbs and make your snakes grow. You must avoid being eaten by other snakes or eating yourself.

Consuming the orbs is the key to survival in this game. The more you eat, the more the size of your snake increases, and the more chances are for you to trap and eat other snakes. The bigger a snake is, the more chances are there to trap and eat other snakes.

You start the game off as a small snake and have to move your way around by eating the colorful orbs. At the start of the game, don’t try to take on big guys because you don’t have a chance to take them on. Eat the orbs, work your way, and then take on smaller snakes first and then the larger ones.


Eat the orbs to grow:

To survive this multiplayer arena of snakes, you need to eat the orbs in order to grow. They are the key to your sustenance. The more you eat, the bigger you grow and the better are your chances to get at the top.

Boost your speed:

Boosting is an important feature and you can use this to eliminate and eat other snakes. When you are racing against a snake and want to eliminate it from the game, then use the boost feature when you are near the opponent’s head to eliminate it.

Do remember that boost comes at the cost of your snake’s size so, use it wisely.

Trap and capture other snakes:

When your size becomes large enough then you can circle around other snakes that are smaller than you and trap them inside your body. When you trap the small snakes then it would lead to an increase in your size. The more snakes you consume, the bigger your size gets.

Special Orbs:

Apart from the regular orbs, there are some special orbs in the game. One of the special orbs appears when one of a snake dies. The bigger the snake dies, the more plentiful orbs are there. You can consume these to increase the size of your snake quickly.

The other type of special orbs appears randomly in the arena and they are floating orbs, running away when you try to chase them but they are worth more than ordinary orbs and worth the chase.

Platforms: is a cross-platform game and is available on Android, iOS, and web browsers.

Developer: was developed by Steve Howse, a renowned developer from Michigan.

Release Date: was released in March 2016.

Controls: can be played using both the mouse and the keyboard.

Mouse: You can use the mouse cursor to control the direction of the snake. To go at full speed, just use the right-click button.

Keyboard: You can control the snake using the arrow keys.

  • UP Arrow Key to go at full speed
  • LEFT Arrow Key to turn left.
  • RIGHT Arrow Key to turn right.