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Hole.io is a fun game where you have to absorb the obstacles and grow. You start the game off as a small black hole that expands by absorbing more and more objects. The more objects you absorb and swallow, the bigger your size and the bigger the size of the hole, the more objects you can engulf at a time.

Unlike other growing games, where you have to eat and grow and focus on eating other players to get bigger, Hole.io is different. Although you can absorb and eat other black holes, the main objective of the game is to swallow as many objects as possible.

How to play Hole.io?

Unlike other eat and grow games, Hole.io involves eating as many objects as possible within the two-minute time limit. You start the game off as a small black hole and have to eat objects to grow bigger and once you are big enough, you can eat and absorb other black holes too.

If you are absorbed or eaten by another player’s hole then you will have to wait for a few seconds before respiring. The player having the biggest hole at the end of the two-minute time limit wins the round.

Game Modes:

The default game mode of the game is a timed mode, where there is a two-minute time limit and within the two-minute time limit, each player has to eat and engulf as many objects as possible. At the end of the round when the timer is up, the hole with the highest score and biggest size wins the round.

There is also a battle royale mode where you will have to compete against other players. This mode has no time limit and is an endless mode that finishes when you’re the last hole standing in the whole map or you get engulfed by someone early on. The last player standing in the battle royale wins the game.


Hole.io has a variety of different maps from which you can choose and play. Maps include Cities, Farms, post-apocalyptic wastelands, etc. Each map has its own separate terrain and features that are distinguishing from other maps. Before starting the game, just choose the game that you want to play in and start the game.


Hole.io is developed by Voodoo, a company known for developing many addictive mobile games.


Hole.io is available on Android, iOS, and Web Browser too.

Release Date:

Hole.io was released in June 2018 for mobile devices i.e Android and iOS. The online web browser version was released in July 2018.


Use your mouse to move the black hole around the map.


1. Can I play Hole.io online?

Yes, Hole.io can be played online on a web browser and also on your mobile devices.

2. Are other players in Hole.io real?

No, the other players in the game are usually bots.

3. What is the maximum size of the Hole that can be achieved?

The maximum size of the hole in the game can be the size of the map, that is the upper limit.