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Zombs.io is an online survival game in which you have to gather up resources, build a base for your survival and fight against hungry zombies.

Just like other survival games, you have to build a base for yourself and protect yourself against zombies. Zombies will only come for you if you have to build a gold stash. Before you build a gold stash, make sure that you gather enough resources as these resources will be able to help you against the zombies.

How to play Zombs.io?

To play the game, you will have to gather enough resources for yourself to survive against the zombies. Try to surround your base with walls and defensive weapons that will help protect you against the zombies.

Build your base at such a place where there are stones and trees nearby that will help you against the zombies from a strategic point of view.

Only build the gold mines when you have enough resources and you think that you can protect yourself against zombies otherwise, gather enough resources first and then build the gold mine.


Zombies will only come after you when you have built a gold stash or mine and they will only come out at night. During the daytime, you will have enough time to gather up the resources for yourself.

The zombies get stronger and stronger with each wave but you can protect yourself by buying new weapons that will help you in surviving against the zombies.


Don’t forget to build gold mines as they will generate gold for you using which you can buy new weapons and upgrade buildings for your survival.

Party Mode:

You also have the option to join a party along with other weapons and help build a larger base. All of the players in the party will have to collectively defend against the zombies.


The game was developed by three amazing developers named Yang, Jeremiah, and Michelle.

Release Date:

Zombs.io was released back in March 2015.


Zombs.io is available on Web Browser only.


Zombs.io is played using both Mouse and Keyboard.

  1. Use WASD keys to move around.
  2. Use the P key to enter the party menu.
  3. Use the Q key to switch weapons.
  4. Use the B Key to enter the shop menu.
  5. Use the Left-Click button to attack/build/gather resources.
  6. Use the Right-Click button to unselect.