The Impossible Quiz

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The Impossible Quiz is a trivia game that the players can play to test their IQ. The Impossible Quiz is known for their out of the box questions, which even though are funny but logical. For succeeding in the game, creativity and originality is a must. The game consists of many tricky puzzles and brain teasers. Unlike other trivia games, The Impossible Quiz does not test your knowledge but your wisdom by forcing you to think out of the box to win the game. Known for its weird questions, The Impossible Quiz is also sometimes called the idiot test or the impossible game by its players. The Impossible Quiz consists of more than 80 puzzles and even though 80 levels might sound too less, crossing the levels is not easy.

How to Play The Impossible Quiz?

In The Impossible Quiz, the users are presented with questions that come with multiple answers. The game is all about observations, original thinking and creativity. Each question posed in The Impossible Quiz comes with four clickable solutions. Out of the four options available to the players, only one answer is correct. The questions of The Impossible Quiz mostly

  • Have double-meanings
  • Consist of puns and tricks
  • Requires an out of the box answer

In addition to the general trivia, The Impossible Quiz also consists of many mini-games which the users can enjoy along the way.

In The Impossible Quiz, the users will get three lives. For each mistake, a player will lose one life. If you lose all your lives, you will lose. All the questions of The Impossible Quiz need to be solved in a single-go, without any break. The Skip option available in The Impossible Quiz can help you to skip a particular question. Many users save it for the tougher questions which will appear in the later stage of the game. Also, the bomb option in The Impossible Quiz gives an adrenaline answer by forcing the player to answer a question within a time range from 1 to 11 sections. If the player fails to answer the question in the stipulated time, the game gets over. The game originally consisted of 30 questions but recently, it has been expanded to more than 80 questions.

Release Date

The Impossible Quiz was originally launched in Flash on 20th February 2007. Later, it was made available on Android and iOS in 2009.


The Impossible Quiz is developed by Splapp-me-do. The company belongs to Glenn Rhodes, a British creator.


  • Web-browser
  • iOS
  • Android (4.4 and up)


For selecting the right answer, you need to use your mouse for clicking on the right answer. You need to left-click to confirm your choice. If you are playing The Impossible Quiz on your smartphone, you need to tap on the right answer.


  1. Out-of-the-box questions
  2. 80 fun yet logical questions
  3. Tests of IQ
  4. Requires observation, originality and logical skills


How many checkpoints does The Impossible Quiz have?

The Impossible Quiz has 5 checkpoints. In each checkpoint, the player gets 3 lives to answer the questions correctly. Also, The Impossible Quiz consists of 30 bran teasers and more than 50 hard questions to challenge your mind.

Which questions in The Impossible Quiz have bombs?

In The Impossible Quiz, the following questions have bombs: question 55 (10 sec), question 59 (10 sec), question 66 (10 sec), question 75 (1 sec), question 79 (10 sec), question 82 (6 sec), question 88 (10 sec), question 90 (10 sec), question 91 (5 sec), question 92 (10 sec). The following questions have a bomb timer of 10 seconds: question 93, 94, 96, 97, 98, 10, 103, 104, 105, 109 and 110. The question 108, has a bomb timer of 11 seconds.

Is there a way of stopping the bombs in The Impossible Quiz?

The Fusestopper is a power-up available in The Impossible Quiz which can be used to disintegrate almost all the bombs The fuse stopper is visible in the form of a purple creature with one eye. However, this option is only available in The Impossible Quiz 2.

Which is the easiest question in The Impossible Quiz?

If you are playing The Impossible Quiz either on Android or your web-browser, the easiest question will be question 37. For iOS users, the easiest question is question 51. It is because all the answers to this single question are correct. You can never get a wrong answer to this question!