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Lordz.io is a real-time strategy IO multiplayer game. The player in Lordz.io has the task of leading a fantasy army using strategies and tactics. The force can be expanded by gathering golds in the game. In Lordz.io, the player is allowed to display their skills on the battlefield, where they fight with 20 other players from across the globe. Are you wondering which fantasy will you be leading? Here’s a hint! Your force will compress soldiers, knights, mages, archers, barbarians and dragons too!

How to Play Lordz.io?

In Lordz.io, the player first has to create an army, the fantasy force. The force can consist of seven types of troops. Popular recruits in the force include:

  • Knights
  • Archers
  • Mages
  • Barbarians
  • Dragons

After creating the force, the player now has to split the army to capture the foe and for moving at a fast pace with various strategies and tactics.

The most important member of the force in Lordz.io is the hero who is present in the center of the army. In order to win the game in Lordz.io, you need to ensure the hero is safe. If the hero dies, you will end up losing all your troops, hence will lose the game. Also, while maintaining your force, you have to keep constructing infrastructures to build your kingdom base. The following structures can be created in Lordz.io:

  • Castle
  • Mage towers
  • Houses

The houses are meant for the people in your armies. The more houses you build, the greater the number of forces would be able to stay in them. Similarly, castle and mage towers help you to protect your resources by creating a defense structure against your foes. In Lordz.io, the player can become rich by collecting gold and gold mines which are found in different locations on the map. With the gold, you can add new soldiers to your troop. The key to making a powerful troop lies in resource management.

Lordz.io allows the player to both create teams and join teams which makes it a fantastic game to play with friends. The game supports huge customization. The lords and soldiers’ skin can be customized. Further, with the resources, the army can also be upgraded.

Release Date

Lordz.io was launched in November 2017.


Lordz.io is created by Spinbot Studio. It is an independent French game studio that was created in 2014. It was co-founded by Hadrien Carpentier and Vincent Spiral.


  • Android 4.0.3 and up
  • Web-based game


  • Mouse: Controls lord
  • E: To build the house
  • R: To build a tower
  • T: To summon soldiers
  • Y: To summon knight
  • U: Summons archer
  • I: Summons barbarian
  • O: Summons dragon
  • Space bar: Splits the army


  • Multiplayer real-time strategy game
  • Can be played with friends by creating and joining teams
  • Highly customizable


How to build an empire in Lordz.io?

For building an empire, you will have to create buildings and other infrastructure which will further help you in expanding your power in Lordz.io. You need to build houses for your armies in Lordz.io. Also, infrastructures built-in Lordz.io can be used for defense purposes. When you have enough resources, ensure that you build castle walls to keep everything protected.

What should I aim for: gold or gold mines in Lordz.io?

The only way of collecting resources for upgrading features in Lordz.io is by collecting coins. However, collecting individual goal items can be tiring. Therefore, you should aim to find gold mines from where at once, you can collect plenty of gold. You can also use these gold to upgrade the gold mine itself for collecting more gold.

When should a player battle lords in Lordz.io?

When one is confident enough that they will win the battle against other lords, one can go for a proper battle in Lordz.io. When you win the battle, you get the opportunity to loot their resources to build your very own resources in Lordz.io.

What is the latest version of Lordz.io?

The latest version of Lordz.io is version 1.16. The game was last updated on September 11, 2019.