Microsoft Minesweeper

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Microsoft Minesweeper is a classic puzzle game which by default has been a part of Windows game. Currently, the reimagined version of it is present online. Microsoft Minesweeper is a logical game that comes with awesome graphics and sound. The game was officially released in 1990 and Arkadium develops the new updated versions of Microsoft Minesweeper for Microsoft Store. The updated version of the game supports two modes. Solo players can play this game. Microsoft Minesweeper is a fun way of exercising your brain too. The logical deduction of Microsoft Minesweeper helps the player to think logically. 

How to Play Microsoft Minesweeper?

In Microsoft Minesweeper, the player aims to uncover the grid’s squares without exploding the mines present under it. Without understanding the logic behind the game, many players randomly click on any square; however, a professional player doesn’t play like that. Without a doubt, Microsoft Minesweeper requires some guesswork but still, it is a logical game. When a player clicks on a square in the grid, the chosen square reveals what is present underneath it A blank square in Microsoft Minesweeper represents 0 mines near it. In addition to that, there is a square present in the grid numbered from 1 to 8. These numbers represent the number of mines that are present adjacent to the uncovered squares. Further, the player can flag the suspected mine by right-clicking on the mouse. For winning Microsoft Minesweeper’s game, the player needs to uncover either all the blanked square or the numbered square without clicking on the mines. Additionally, if the player has not flagged a suspected mind, the computer automatically flags those squares. If the player flags a safe square by any chance, at the end of the game, the player’s mistake is marked with an X. The three sets of Microsoft Minesweeper available are:

  • Easy 9 X 9
  • Medium 16 X 16 
  • Expert 30 X 16

Also, while playing the game, it is important to take note of the time. So, while taking care of the time, ensure to take help from the square’s number. The higher the number, the more cautious the player should be. With the right amount of logical thinking, a game of Microsoft Minesweeper can be won. However, it is being said that not all the game of Microsoft Minesweeper can be won. 

Release Date

Microsoft Minesweeper was first rolled out in 1992 and the redesigned version of it was made available in 2012. 


Microsoft Minesweeper is developed by Curt Johnson, Oberon Media and Arkadium and Microsoft Casual Games. Till 1992, Microsoft Minesweeper was published by Microsoft and after 2012, the game was published by Microsoft Studios.


  • Windows 
  • Web-browser on all devices


For uncovering squares on Microsoft Minesweeper, click on the square. To flag a square, right-click on the square. If the player is unsure about a square, they can place a question mark on it by right-clicking on it twice. For panning, click and then drag the mouse to scroll around the board in any direction. The mouse scroll can be used to zoom in and out of the screen. 


  • Classic rules of Minesweeper
  • Supports Adventure mode 
  • Features daily challenges 
  • Difficulty setting can be adjusted 
  • Supported in Xbox
  • Supports three levels


How to identify the mines in Microsoft Minesweeper?

An uncovered square with the number represents how many mines actually are touching that square. This information needs to be deduced properly to win the game. The higher the number in the square, the more cautious the player should be. 

How can we know the number of mines hidden in Microsoft Minesweeper?

The mine counter present in the game screen displays the number of mines that are hidden in the grid. 

Can we explode a mine with the very first click on the grid?

No, the very first click on the grid is always safe. 

What stats are provided in Microsoft Minesweeper?

The following stats are provided in Microsoft Minesweeper:

  • Difficulty level
  • Time 
  • Best Time
  • Time Bonus
  • Board Clear Bonus
  • Mines Disarmed Bonus

Is Microsoft Minesweeper a game of luck?

Microsoft Minesweeper is a game of both luck and skill. The guesswork in the game requires luck, while the number uncovered in the square will help the player to logically deduce where the mines are present.