Bubble Shooter

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Bubble Shooter is a popular puzzle game that was originally inspired by Puzzle Bobble. In this game, you have to match bubbles of the same colors to make them disappear.

It is similar to all the Bubble Shooting games where you have to match the bubbles in order to remove them from the arena. Instead of other games that are time-limited, Bubble Shooter is not and you have to remove the bubbles from the arena in the lowest moves in order to gain more points.

How to play Bubble Shooter?

Playing the game is easy, you have to aim and fire the bubbles of the same color to make them disappear. To remove bubbles, there should be a minimum of three bubbles of the same color. Three is the minimum number of bubbles that you can remove with a single shot but if there are more than three then all of those will be removed.

To win the game, you have to remove all of the bubbles from every round. To achieve the highest score, you should try to remove all the bubbles in the least amount of shots. At the start of the game, the game is relatively easy but as you complete levels and progress further, the difficulty increases with each passing level. Each level becomes harder than the next previous and with each passing level, you have to put more thoughts before taking a shot.

As the game becomes harder, it becomes hard to remove the bubbles and when you fail to make certain shots in a row then an additional row of bubbles adds to the stack and the game ends when the bubbles reach the end of the playing screen.


The original Bubble Shooter was developed by Absolutist.

Release Date:

Bubble Shooter was initially released in 2002 but this is the modified version that was released in September 2018.


Bubble Shooter is available to play on Web Browser, Android, and iOS.


The game can be played using the mouse only.

  • Move your mouse to aim.
  • Use the left-click button to shoot.


How to win at Bubble Shooter?

You can win at Bubble Shooter by clearing all the bubbles in every level.

What’s the difference between Classic Bubble Shooter and Modern Bubble Shooter?

There is no such difference in the gameplay of both versions of the Bubble Shooter. The only major difference would be the graphics which are improved in the modern version. Other than that, both the version are almost identical.