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Backgammon is one of the immensely popular oldest board games in the world. Backgammon by Arkadium can be played online for free without download. The game is played between two players where both the players try to clear checkers on the board. In the Backgammon board, the players take turns to move their checker pieces which are determined by rolling a dice. To win the game of Backgammon, the player needs to move all the checkers from the board. In the online version of Backgammon, you get to play against the AI. Backgammon is a strategic game that needs to be played logically.

How to Play Backgammon?

Before playing Backgammon, it is important to make oneself familiar with the layout of the board. Backgammon consists of 24 triangular points which are numbered. The triangular points are categorized into four sections:

  • White home board: labelled 1 to 6
  • White outer board: labelled 7 to 12
  • Black outer board: labelled 13 to 18
  • Black home board: labelled 19 to 24

In Backgammon, the aim of the player should be to be able to move the entire checkers towards the number 1 point of the Backgammon board. To decide which player will be the first to move, a pair of dice is rolled. For starting a new turn, the dice are rolled. Backgammon checkers are moved according to the number which appears in the rolling dice. If a move is available on the board, the player will need to move the checker. In Backgammon a valid move is the one in which the player moves the checker unoccupied space or in the one which is occupied by their own check piece. Now that the basics of Backgammon are clear, it’s time to have a look at the rules of the Backgammon game:

  1. The check can only be moved to an open point on the board. An open point on Backgammon is the one that is occupied by less than two of the checkers of the opponent.
  2. The two dice decide the number of steps that the player can take for moving the checkers.
  3. Rolling the dice double allows the player to make four moves.
  4. Two moves are required to be made on the basis of the two dice.
  5. When hitting is done in Backgammon, the checker of the player lands on a place that is pre-occupied by the opposing checker. In such a scenario, the hit piece will be placed in the bar.
  6. Having more one or more checkers in the bar makes it compulsory for the player to move these pieces in the home board of the opponent.

In Backgammon, for starting the game, the player needs to tap on “Roll” to start the turn. After that, the player needs to click on a white piece to move. The aim of the player is to move all the pieces to the bottom right slot of the Backgammon board. The following customization options are available on Backgammon by Arkadium: animation on and off, show board number, auto roll, drag and drop mode and auto bear off.


Backgammon is developed by Arkadium.


Backgammon can be played on smartphone and laptop using the web browser.


The game can be played using the mouse. For moving a piece, the player first needs to click on the piece and then the place in which they want to move the checker. Further, for rolling the dice, the roll tap needs to be clicked on.


  • Classic and popular board game
  • Supports drag and drop feature
  • Can be played against AI


What are some tips to win Backgammon?

Here are few tips to win Backgammon:

  1. Move the checkers as soon as you can to avoid the bar.
  2. Try to block your opponent as much as you can.
  3. Ensure that advanced checkers do not hit the bar.
  4. Try to earn a golden point

How many checker pieces are there in Backgammon?

In Backgammon, there are 15 pieces and these are known as men.

What is the golden point in Backgammon?

Golden point in Backgammon refers to 5 points and Golden anchor refers to 20 points in Backgammon. In Backgammon, it is advised to earn these points right at the beginning moves of the game. Earning golden points and golden anchor helps the player to defend themselves from the opponent.