Temple Run 2

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Temple Run 2 is the sequel to Temple Run, both developed by Imangi Studio. It is an endless running game created for single players. The game is designed and produced by Keith Shepherd and Natalia Luckyanova. The duo flaunts a husband-wife team. The game has been downloaded more than one billion times and is one of the popular games for smartphones.

How to Play Temple Run 2?

In Temple Run 2, the player controls the main character. After stealing, the character starts running with the very first tap by the player. The player can then swipe left and right to move the character on the screen. The left and right-swiping may be needed either to collect coins and power-ups or for avoiding the obstacles. Similarly, the player can swipe down to slide in the ground and swipe up to jump. In the game, many turns are present. For taking a turn, the player needs to swipe in the direction of the path.

If the player fails to overcome the obstacles or deviate from the path, they will die and lose the game. Apart from the previous obstacles present in Temple Run, Temple Run 2 houses new type of obstacles like:

  • waterfalls
  • jets of fire
  • mine tracks
  • zip-lines

Additionally, new power-ups are also introduced. For instance, the green gem can be used by the player to prevent death. The power-ups can be used by the users to enhance the skill of the character which is required to earn some extra points. These power-ups are temporary and therefore, it is advisable to take full advantage of it till it lasts.  The three most common power-ups in the game are:

  • Shield: Protects the player from wooden beams, flames, stone blocks and spinning spike wheels
  • Coin Magnet: Attracts coins
  • Boost: Makes the character run fast without facing any obstacle

In the previous version, the character was chased by three monkeys. However, in Temple Run 2, Cuchank, a large gorilla is the only antagonist present.

Release Date

  • iOS: 16th January 2013
  • Android: 24th January 2013
  • Windows Phone: 20th January 2013
  • Tizen Phone: 14th October 2016


Temple Run 2 is developed and published by Imangi Studios. The company was founded in 2008 by Natalia Luckyanova and Keith Shepherd. Kiril Tchangov manages the art of the game. Imangi Studios is based in America and serves worldwide.


Temple Run 2 is available on

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows Phone
  • Tizen


Temple Run 2 can be controlled both by swiping and tilting. You can choose the gesture on the basis of your comfort zone.

  • Swipe/Tilt left: to move left
  • Swipe/Tilt right: to move right
  • Swipe up: to jump
  • Swipe down: to slide in the ground

For controlling the newly introduced feature of MineCart in Temple Run 2, you need to gently tilt your device in the direction of the turn to ensure that the Mine Cart can pass gently through the round bends. In the mine tunnel, the player when swipes down will make the character duck instead of sliding. There is no need for swiping up in the mine tunnel because there won’t be any need for jumping.


  • Beautiful graphics
  • New obstacles
  • New and more powers
  • All the characters have their special power


How to earn prizes in Temple Run 2?

In Temple Run 2, you can earn prizes daily by completing the daily challenges. For playing daily challenges, go to the menu section and then tap on the challenges button. You will be able to view the daily challenges there.

What are some tips to score better in Temple Run 2?

There are only two ways of enhancing your score in Temple Run 2, either you collect more coins and power-up or cover more distance. Most of the users do not know that at the end of mining shaft tunnels, power-ups are present. So, be ready to jump when you know that the tunnel is about to end. Also, don’t use your coins for tiny upgrades, save it for big upgrades in the game.

How much space is required to install Temple Run 2?

If you are using an Android smartphone, you will need a free space of 123 MB. The size of the game for the iOS platform is 258 MB.

Which Android and iOS version is required to run Temple Run 2?

Temple Run requires Android 4.4 and above. In iOS, it can run on iOS 10.0 or later version.