Missile Command

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Missile Command is a classic arcade game developed by Atari. In Missile Command, the player is provided with six cities that are attacked continuously by ballistic missiles, a few of which split into multiple reentry vehicles. At each new level, new weapons are introduced. In Missile Command, the player aims to save the six cities from the missile blasts. Missile Command can be played with two players and is more like an arcade game. The six cities represented in Missile Command are California, San Francisco, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, San Diego and Los Angeles.

How to Play Missile Command?

In Missile Command, the player moves a crosshair towards the sky and defends the cities via trackball. There are three buttons present in the Missile Command that can be used for counter-missile and these missiles come with appropriate batteries. The counter-missiles launched by the players in Missile Command explode after reaching the crosshair which when reaches its destination, persists for a few seconds and destroys any enemy missile that enters that arena. The three batteries of the player come with ten missiles. A missile in Missile Command becomes useless when all the missiles are fired. Further, the battery can also be destroyed by the enemy missile and therefore it becomes important for the player to preserve it. In each level, a pre-decided number of enemy weapons try to hit the cities along with the missile batteries. To end a level of Missile Command, the player has to destroy all the enemy missiles. After the end of each level in Missile Command, the player can see their score. The score of Missile Command is decided on the basis of:

  • Number of cities saved
  • Unused missiles by the player

After each level, the player gets new missile batteries in intact conditions, however, the cities destroyed require a certain number of points (8,000-12,000) to be restored. The game ends for the player in Missile Command when all the six cities are destroyed. However, if the player has a good score, there is a chance that they may get a bonus city. The Missile Command has no winning level, it is more of a never-ending game and depends on how far the player can go. Unlike other arcade games, after the game is over, it shows the message “The End” instead of “Game Over”. A player can play with their friends to see who scored more.


Missile Command is designed by Dave Theurer, programmed by Rich Adam and Adam and Dave hearer and composed by Rich Adam.


The game can be played on web-browser


For firing the missiles, the player needs to click on their aim. Clicking on it will release the missiles from the batteries.


  • Interesting arcade game
  • Never-ending shooting game


What is the last level of Missile Command?

Missile Command is a never-ending shooting game and therefore, the last level is not decided. However, players have gone to level 256 in Missile Command/

How to win Missile Command?

There is no winner of the Missile Command game because the only mission in the game is to save the cities. The correct way of judging the success is by looking at each game’s scores to have an idea about the game’s progress.

How many bonus cities can be won on Missile Command?

Due to a bug in Missile Command, the game rewards the player with more than 176 cities upon reaching the score of 8,10,000. In addition to that, bonus cities are rewarded after every 1,000,000 points. Thanks to this bug, it becomes possible for the player to play Missile Command for hours.

How can we know that the missile batteries have run out of missiles?

When the missile batteries are running low with missiles, the “Low” order will flash across missile batteries. When the missile batteries are destroyed or if the player has used all the missiles of a missile battery, the word “OUT” will flash in the missile batteries indicating these missile batteries can no longer be used to defend the cities.

What should the player focus on while playing Missile Command?

While playing Missile Command, the player should defend the six cities and the missile batteries. Even though the missile batteries are replenished at each level, they are vital to winning a level in Missile Command.