Mahjongg Dimensions

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Mahjongg Dimension is an online 3D version of the classic tile-matching game where you have to race against the timer and match symbols on all sides of the cubes to get to the center. The faster you complete the tile-matching process, the more points you get.

How to play Mahjongg Dimensions?

Playing Mahjongg Dimension is similar to any other tile-matching game. You have to click and select two tiles to match them but there is a twist involved. The matching process isn’t like other games.

You cannot match those tiles that are blocked on their left or right side by other tiles. Only those tiles are matchable whose adjacent sides are free and not blocked by any other tiles. However, you can get a preview of the tiles symbol if it blocked by another tile.

You can not only select those tiles that are visible to you but the tiles on the other sides of the cube can also be selected. To select those tiles, you have to rotate the cube. This can be done with the help of a mouse or keyboard. After rotating the cube, you can select the additional tiles too.


The game also features multipliers that you can use to maximize your score. There are two types of multipliers in the game, X2, and X5.

  • You get the X2 or Speed Match Multiplier when you make a match within 3 seconds of another match.
  • You get the X5 or Multi-Match Multiplier when you match the same images in a row.


Mahjongg Dimensions has a feature called Reshuffle that you can use when you get stuck. When you use this feature then it will reshuffle all the tiles on the board and then you can match newly shuffled tiles to finish the game. You can only use the Reshuffle feature once in every game.

Remember, the quicker you clear the tiles, the more points you will get. When the timer finishes then the game is over.


Mahjongg Dimensions is developed by Arkadium.

Release Date:

Mahjongg Dimensions was released in 2017.


Mahjongg Dimensions is available to play on web browsers. (Mobiles and Desktop)


Mahjongg Dimensions is played using the mouse and keyboard.

  • Use the left mouse button to select and match the tiles.
  • Use the left mouse button to click on the arrows and rotate the cube or use the arrow keys to rotate the cube.


Is Mahjongg Dimensions similar to Mahjong?

Yes, Mahjongg Dimensions is similar to Mahjong but the main difference is that Mahjongg Dimensions is in 3D instead of 2D.

Can I play Mahjongg Dimension on my mobile?

Yes, you can play Mahjongg Dimension on your mobile too. It is a web browser game and you can play it on both Android and iOS devices.

How can I rotate the cube?

You can select more tiles that are on the other side of the cube by rotating the cube and you can either click on the arrow keys below the cube or use arrow keys to rotate the cube.