Mahjong Connect

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Mahjong Connect is the online version of the popular board game Mahjong Connect. It is a tile-matching puzzle/board game that you can play online if you want to have a challenging game or want to play a solo game.

The game is simple, all you have to is match and connect the pairs that are adjacent to each other and also on the outer edge of the board in the given time.

Mahjong Connect is a solitaire game which means that it can be played solo only. Unlike the traditional Chinese Mahjong Game, Mahjong Connect is different. It uses the same traditional tile images that are used in the Mahjong game.

How to play Mahjong Connect?

Playing Mahjong Connect is easy. As this game is a variant of Solitaire so, you have to remove all the tiles from the board in order to win the game. Unlike the traditional Chinese board game Mahjong, Mahjong Connect is different.

In Mahjong Connect, to remove the tiles you have to spot the same tile pairs and then click on them to remove them. You can remove the tiles if they are adjacent to each other or are around the outer edges of the board. You have to remove all the tiles at the given time. If you are not able to remove the tiles and the time runs out then you lose the game.

There are as many as 12 different levels of difficulty through which you can play. If you are stuck in the game then to help you there are five available hints which will guide you in the right direction to remove the tiles. Using those tiles, you can get out of difficult situations.

Release Date:

The game Mahjong Connect was initially released in May 2009 as a Flash game and then in April 2017, it was released in HTML5.


The Flash version of Mahjong Connect was developed by Front Network while the HTML5 version was developed by Azerion.


Mahjong Connect is available to play on web browsers (both desktop and mobiles).


Mahjong Connect is played using Mouse only.

  • Use the left mouse button to move the Mahjong tiles around the table.


Is Mahjong Connect similar to Mahjong?

No, Mahjong Connect is not similar to the classic Chinese board game Mahjong. Mahjong Connect is a variant of solitaire but instead of cards, the game consists of Mahjong tiles.

How to win the game?

You can win the game by removing all the tiles in the given time. If you fail to remove the tiles in the given time then you lose the game.

How many difficulty levels in Mahjong Connect?

There are as many as 12 different difficulty levels in Mahjong Connect.