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EvoWars.io game is set in a fantasy world where you control a deadly warrior inside a multiplayer arena full of warriors.  You have to collect the orbs, kill your opponents in order to gain experience, and increase in size.

You are a deadly and courageous warrior in a multiplayer arena that is full of other warriors like yours. You have to kill as many enemies as possible to reach the top of the leaderboard, gain experience, and reach a higher level and evolve into deadly warriors.

How to play EvoWars.io?

When the size of your character is small then your blade size is also small and that gives you a speed advantage, meaning that if the size of your character is small then your speed will be faster, use this to your advantage.

When the size of your character is bigger then the size of the blade is also big and this means that the speed of your character will be slow but the range of the blade will be improved and you will be able to take down targets from a distance.


In EvoWars.io, there are as many as 26 different evolutions, 25 evolutions plus 1 secret evolution. You have to collect shiny circles to level up and as you reach a higher level you evolve into other warriors. As you get certain XP points, your character evolves into other warriors. Each evolution comes with its own features and boosts.

Release Date:

EvoWars.io was released in March 2018.


EvoWars.io is developed by Night Steed Games.


EvoWars.io is available to play on Web Browser (Both Desktop and Mobile). EvoWars.io also has a dedicated mobile app for both Android and iOS.


On PC, the game is played using both the mouse and keyboard.

Move your mouse to control the movement of your character.

Use the left mouse button to attack.

Use the right mouse button to sprint. (Uses XP points)


Q. Can I play EvoWars.io on my mobile phone?

Ans. Yes, you can play EvoWars.io on your mobile by downloading the dedicated mobile app from Google Play Store or App Store.

Q. What are evolutions in EvoWars.io?

Ans. Evolutions are playable characters in EvoWars.io that are unlocked when you reach a certain XP level and gain a certain amount of XP points. There are as many as 26 different evolutions that you can unlock and play with.